About us We, here at Specialist Supplements, believe in the power of nature to heal and we look to its awesome resources for the answers to a wide range of health issues. As such, we have a comprehensive range of unique and cutting- edge supplements, which are derived from natural ingredients (or extracts from natural ingredients) wherever possible. Whatever your particular health goal, we have the product for you! This particular information site is dedicated to shape and weight management. We are proud to have been supplying members of the public and trade / health practitioners with premium health foods, organic products, food form supplements and much more since 1995.   About this site Among our various product ranges is our Weight Management line. This site is dedicated to providing health information on a number of relevant topics, focussing particularly on shape and weight management and how to slim down naturally, safely and healthily. To visit our shopping cart (where you can view products), either select from the category list to the right of this page or click on the ‘Get shopping’ button above.  
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More about slimming, shaping-up and weight management The low-down on slimming and dieting So many of our customers come to us demoralised, lacking confidence and exhausted from years of failed attempts to lose weight and keep it off. Our welcoming message to them is this: “There is no secret to losing weight - you can do it! And we can help you get there.” The truth is, achieving your ideal weight is simple. Many people and businesses try to complicate the process in order to sell you “fad diets”, and “get fit quick” schemes, but there is a tried and tested formula that works and it is: eat a balanced diet exercise regularly drink plenty of pure water. Forget the terms “slimming” and “dieting” - the key to success is lifestyle change by following these 3 simple steps! Of course, we recognise that taking these steps can be a challenge on your own, which is why we are here. Not only do we provide invaluable health information on the pages of this website (which can empower you take responsibility for your health), you can also call us on 0845 094 3627 and speak to one of our expert nutritionists about your plan of action today! We offer a free meal plan, which can help to give you some guidance on what to eat in the early stages, and we also have tailor-made weight management programmes. Learn how to cleanse and detox your body and use health supplements to support you in achieving your weight goals.
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Shape and Weight Management
Shape and Weight Management
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Shape, weight management and healthy living